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In order to solve all Hackrf One, the need for clock accuracy is designed to meet the needs of the Hackrf One clock for high accuracy and the birth.
Let Hackrf One can be applied in higher clock applications such as GPS simulation, GSM/WCDMA/LTE data analysis, etc..
Due to the HACKRF clock is passive OC, factory board accuracy usually in 20PPM, 1MHZ frequency offset at about 20HZ, 1GHZ is 20KHZ changes, usually frequency will affect the change with the environment, usually this effect is not high on the requirements of the occasion to have any effect, such as what is the impact of wireless receiving and not after all, HACKRF has 20MHZ bandwidth, but in wireless transmission on different meanings, such as the GPS system, the frequency of 1575.42MHZ if PPM is 20 then the frequency offset 1575.42MHZ+ (1575.42*20=0.0315084MHZ) =1575.42 + 3, so it can not satisfy the applications of GPS, but the PPM 2 accuracy of 0.003MHZ is obviously meet the requirements.
This external clock uses the high accuracy TCXO design, the DIP packing accuracy in 0.1-0.5ppm.
Application scenarios:
1. GPS application
2. Other occasions requiring high precision clock
Application scope:
Hackrf One built in external clock.
Working temperature: -20c-85c
Accuracy (PPM): 0.1~0.5
Length and width: 26MM * 21MM

Package includes:

1 x TCXO Clock 

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