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1. Multi-functional ultra-thin electronic clock module with a thickness of only 10mm, integrating time, temperature and voltage.
2. An item can be displayed separately, or each item can be displayed alternately by cycle, and the item to be displayed can be customized.
3. The time chip is RX8025T, this chip has temperature compensation function and the time is accurate.
4. Temperature display: -35~120 degrees Celsius.
5. With brightness adjustment function, multi-level brightness is adjustable.
6. With automatic brightness function, it can be darkened at night and brightened during the day. (set according to time)


1. Working voltage: DC4~23V (default micro-usb port)
2. Dimensions: 93*36*10mm
3. Voltage display range: 4.0~23V

Package included:

1 x LED Dot Matrix Electronic Clock

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