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Note: Raspberrry Pi board is not included.


This is the dual use ABS case for 3.5inch screen kit, suitable for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.It is esay to install the case with screen and Raspberry Pi.When you use the Raspberry Pi with 3.5inch screen,please remove the cover of case;When you use Raspberry Pi with cooling fan,you needn't remover the cover of case.
Note:The 3.5inch screen and cooling fan can't be used at the same time. 


Colour: Black/Transperent
Material: ABS plastic
Size: 90*61*35
Applicable to: Raspberry Pi 4B
3.5-inch touch screen or fan that can install Raspberry Pi
Knowing that: 3.5-inch display and fan cannot be installed at the same time due to the PIN pin

About 3.5inch MHS LCD Screen Display 

- Physical resolution 320 x 480, with resistive Press control
It supports up to 125MHz SPI signal input, showing stable no screen and no flicker
With the refresh rate of raspberry pie around 50Hz, play video to play the game without pressure
Support FBCP software drive, support double screen display, can adjust the resolution of the software to zoom
Same size as the Raspberry Pi, perfectly compatible and can be directly inserted into any version of the Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi ZeroW, A, A+, B, B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+,4B)
Support Raspbian/Ubuntu/Kali system, provide driver and image
Screen Size: 3.5inch
Module Interface: SPI (upports up to 125MHz SPI input)
Press Screen Controller: XPT2046
LCD Driver IC: ILI9486
Backlight: LED
Power consumption: 0.16A*5V
Working temperature(℃): -20-60
Size: 85.42*55.60 mm
Package Included: (Note: Raspberrry Pi board is not included.)

1 x ABS box case 
1 x touch screen
1 x touch screen pen

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