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- After the Raspberry Pi 4 was released, we found that the heat generation of Pi 4 also increased greatly with its performance.
- At the same time,  various types of Raspberry Pi 4 expansion boards such as DAC+, UPS HAT, or various LCDs on the market also encountered excessive heat generation when used on Pi 4.
- This Radiator provide a perfect solution for the heat dissipation for Raspberry Pi 4 with expansion boards


- Only supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
- Supports to cooling down the Raspberry Pi 4 board when using the Pi 4 expansion board
- Supports the installation of 25mm fans; Cooling fan can be added when the heat dissipation of a single aluminum heat sink is not enough, so that all heat dissipation problems can be solved.
- The fan equipped with the heatsink is the same fan as the official POE expansion board

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Note: We equipped with as many as different spacers with various length as we can for the embedded heatsink, so you can use our embedded heatsink in different Raspberry Pi 4 projects for better heat dissaption. But this may be not enough, we can not guarantee the spacers and screws inside can meet all your demand, really hope to get your understanding.

Package Included:

Type A : Case + Screws Kit
Type B : Case + Fan + Screws Kit
(Raspberry Pi is not Included)

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