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1. Indoor temperature measurement range: -50 °C – +70 °C (+14 °F ~ +122 °F)
2. Outdoor temperature measurement range: -50 °C – +70 °C (+14 °F ~ +122 °F)
3. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ° C (1.8 ° F)
4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C (0.1 ° F)
5. Humidity measurement range: 10% RH-99% RH
6. Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5% RH (40%-80%)
7. Humidity resolution: 1%
8. Storage conditions: -10 ° C – +60 ° C, 20% – 80%
9. Dimensions: 102x93x23.5 mm
10. Suitable for: home, office, school, experimental test, hospital and other places, especially the necessary tools for Pu’er collectors to improve and monitor the tea environment. At the same time, the number of Tibetan tea is large, and it is recommended to place a thermometer and hygrometer in different positions of the teahouse for comprehensive monitoring, because even if the same room is in different positions, the temperature and humidity conditions are different.

1. Display the indoor and outdoor temperature on the same screen, no need to switch
2. Indoor temperature / humidity display

Operation method:
1. Push the battery door in the direction indicated by the back of the machine, remove the battery spacer, and then replace the battery door, the machine can be used.
2. Key function: (MODE) switch clock and alarm display mode / set current time, alarm, 12 or 24 hour system, date (ADJ) to adjust the value of the set item; (MEMORY) display the highest / lowest temperature in memory Humidity value/clear memory maximum/minimum humidity value; (°C/°F) switching temperature unit is displayed in °C (degrees Celsius) or °F (Fahrenheit);
3. Press and hold (MODE) for 3 seconds in the initial state, the minute of the current time starts to flash, press (ADJ) to adjust the number of minutes, and press (MODE) to set the “clock” and “12/24” respectively. , “Month (M)”, “Day (D)”
4. In the current clock mode, (the two points between the clock and the minute flashes once every second) switch to display the alarm mode (the two points between the clock and the minute do not flash), press (ADJ) to switch The “Alarm Clock” function/“Hourly Time” function is turned on and off. Press and hold (MODE) for 2 seconds to set the alarm time and start the “Full Time Time” function. The corresponding symbol appears.
5. In the alarm mode, if there is no operation, it will automatically return to the current clock after one minute. At this time, press (ADJ) to switch to the calendar display, and automatically return to the current clock after 3 seconds. Press the MMEMORY button to display the maximum and minimum values ??for the last measurement of temperature/humidity.
6. Press (MEMORY) to display the maximum temperature/humidity (MAX) and minimum value (MIN) of the memory. Press and hold (MEMORY) for more than 2 seconds to clear the maximum/minimum value of the memory.

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