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Chip Type:Contactless ID Card
Contours:Alien Card
Read Range:0-3cm
Power:Passive Card
Recognition Mode:Read Only
Dimensions: Approximately 35 x 29 x 5mm
Response frequency: 125KHz
Chip type: EM4100, TK4100
Operation Temperature : -40-85 Degrees Celsius
Application scope: Public transportation, parking, ID identification, attendance system, ticketing, card payment, product logo, etc.
Each comes with Key ring included.
Each token pre-programmed with unique ID which is Laser printed

1. The carrier frequency is 125KHZ (THRC12);
2. The modulation mode of the card transmitting data to the card reader is loading amplitude modulation;
3. The data encoding in the card adopts BPSK phase shift keying method with strong anti-interference ability;
4. Card to reader data transfer rate is 3.9kbps (THRC12);
5. The data storage adopts EEPROM, and the data storage time exceeds 10 years;
6. A total of 64 data storage capacity, including manufacturer, publisher and user code;
7. The card number cannot be changed after being written before the seal, to ensure the card number is fixed and safe;
8. In addition to being packaged into a standard card shape, the THRC12 chip can be packaged into a variety of shapes, such as chips, depending on the application.

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