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This is an ultra-multi-color DIY kit that combines clock, music spectrum, LED aurora, LED artboard and LED random color squares. Each type of function can be set to a variety of different display modes. The clock function uses the DS3231 high_precision clock chip, which can be set to different color gradation functions and custom color functions, with alarm clock, voice control, automatic brightness adjustment, countdown and so on. The music spectrum uses the MAX9814 high-quality microphone amplification module to capture audio, so as to achieve a wireless sound collection and display spectrum effects, can be suitable for a variety of different music playback devices. 6 kinds of Aurora gradient functions, with each individually controlled "large square" color LED, to form a variety of different color gradients and LED breathing effects. The LED palette can be customized with different colors. Each square can be set with 17 different colors. It is an “electronic drawing board” for children to expand their thinking. LED random color squares Each LED square automatically changes random colors, 30 LED squares are combined into thousands of color squares, bringing you colorful DIY production.
Assemble Manual:


Five functions of the collection Clock display, Music spectrum beat, LED full color auroral display, LED drawing board and LED color square;
Combine 30 high-brightness chips 5050RGB into large-size RGB square high-brightness LEDs (each LED size: 17mmx16mm);
Using the MAX9814 high-performance automatic gain microphone amplification module, you can get rid of the audio line to collect sound signals, and play music to display the music spectrum;
7 kinds of music spectrum modes are optional, and each music spectrum dances with LED color gradient to enhance the music effect;
Adopt DS3231 for RTC, built-in temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, ultra-high precision, can be placed into CR2032 backup battery to prevent power loss time data;
Customizable settings switch display clock, temperature, date and day of the week;
The clock menu is displayed with an icon at a glance.
Different functions (with sound feedback and LED backlight feedback) by touching, pressing, and simultaneously pressing the button;
All the way alarm clock function, when the alarm time comes, the buzzer and the backlight white LED prompt;
Different formats can be set to display, different degrees of Fahrenheit and Celsius, different date display formats and 24/12 format;
6 optional clock color gradient display modes, with different color gradient effects to display time, you can also customize your favorite colors;
5 different clock modes, color gradient speed is optional;
It can be set as the voice-activated wake-up function, and the display time can be awakened by patting the palm or tapping the desktop, and the display is automatically turned off after the time is displayed;
Automatic brightness adjustment, the light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness according to the ambient brightness, avoiding too bright or too dark, and can customize different brightness;
Countdown function, you can set the automatic countdown, the time to reach the buzzer sounds and the backlight flashing prompt, touch the touch button to exit the countdown;
The time can be set to “Time, Minute Second Display” or “Time Division Display”;
7 kinds of full-color aurora gradient effects are available, each LED square is individually controlled to change, and combined into a variety of different effects of LED aurora and LED breathing gradient function;
LED drawing board function, you can customize the different colors of each square, each square is available in 17 colors, you can create creative color patterns, especially suitable for children's thinking development;
LED random color square function, 4 different speeds of change can be selected, each square randomly changes into different colors, combined into thousands of colors of color block cool effect;
Four-layer acrylic shell;
USB DC 5V voltage supply;
Overall size: 100mm x 130mm x 16mm;


Long press the setting button (circular symbol) to switch five functions: time mode function – music spectrum display function – full color aurora display function – LED palette function – random color block function;

In Clock mode:

1: Press the setting (circular symbol) + switch touch key (triangle symbol) at the same time to enter or exit the menu;
2: Short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can switch time setting – date setting – alarm setting – format setting – switch display item selection – color gradient effect – color gradient speed – voice switch setting – brightness setting – countdown setting – second on . Short press the set key (circular symbol) to enter the setting, and then modify the parameter value by switching the button (triangle symbol).
Clock mode parameter settings:
1. Time: The switch key (triangle symbol key) modifies the flashing parameter value, and the set key (circular symbol key) determines the modification;
2. Date: The order of modification is: year-month-day;
3, alarm clock: ON – turn on the alarm and enter the alarm time setting; OFF – turn off the alarm
4, format settings (Format):
H: (hour format): 24-24 hour mode; 12-12 time mode.
D: (date format): M-: month-day mode; -M: day-month mode.
T: (temperature format): C-degree Celsius; F-Fahrenheit;
5, switch display item selection:
1- only time display;
2-time, temperature switching display;
3-time, temperature, date switching display;
4-time, temperature, date, week switch display;
6, color effect settings:
0-Enter the custom setting color (see custom color);
1-all gradient mode;
2-up and down color gradient mode;
3-Rainbow color gradient mode;
4-right aurora color gradient mode;
5- each automatically switches the color mode;
Custom color: switch key (triangle symbol key) modify the color value of the flashing number (a total of 13 colors), set the key (circular symbol key) to determine the modified color and enter the setting the next column color setting;
7, color gradient speed setting: 1-5 speed optional;
8, voice control settings: ON – turn on the voice mode; OFF – turn off the voice mode
9, brightness level settings:
1-4 brightness;
A-Automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment;
10. Countdown setting: input the minute and the number of seconds, press the setting button (circle) to start the countdown, the countdown ends the buzzer, and any touch button to exit the countdown;
11. Second hand open setting: ON-on second hand display; OFF-off second hand display;

In the Music Spectrum Display mode:

Short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can switch 7 different music spectrum beat effects;
1. The vertical display spectrum of the left and right gradient colors;
2, the left and right fluctuation effect spectrum;
3. The vertical display spectrum of the upper and lower gradation colors;
4. Horizontal music spectrum display;
5, music_swatch beat spectrum;
6. Inverted music spectrum display;
7, floating point music spectrum display;

In Full Color Auroral mode:

Short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can switch 6 different LED aurora gradient effects;
1. Diagonal full color aurora gradient effect;
2, swing full color aurora gradient effect;
3, three inner and outer ring color gradient effect;
4, the snake_color gradient effect;
5, the upper and lower color gradient aurora effect;
6, each square random breathing gradient effect;

In the LED Palette mode:

1. Short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can set different square colors, a total of 17 colors can be selected;
2. Short press the setting button (circular symbol) to switch to the next square color setting;

In the Random Color Square mode:

The short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can set different change times, and there are 4 change times available.

Package included:

1 x DIY Multi-function LED Cool Music Spectrum RGB Color Palette Clock Kit

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