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This kit is a Christmas tree-shaped audio spectrum light. It consists of a bottom MIC and a triode to form an audio receiving, amplifying and rectifying circuit. Finally, the LM3915 drives 37 high-brightness LEDs to complete all work. The circuit interface is rich and the display is colorful. Two time-limited modes can be switched, LED flashing can be controlled through a 3.5mm headphone jack, or ambient sound control LED can be received via the MIC.


Kit model: CTR-32
Supply voltage: DC4-5V
Current consumption: 60mA
Access interface: audio 3.5mm, MIC pickup
Power interface: DC3.5, battery box
Kit size: 11.6 *6*6cm (height does not contain LED light height and battery box)

Package included:

1 x DIY Three Color Light Audio Voice Control Spectrum Christmas Tree Kit

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