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Kit Name: Alcohol Concentration Tester Kit

Dimensions: 62*36mm
Board material: single side 1.6mm FR-4
Supply voltage: DC6V
Soldering precautions:
1. Printed on the PCB with various components silk screen marks, please refer to the silk screen mark soldering
2. The resistance is not divided, but there are different resistance values. Please pay attention to distinguish when soldering
3. J1, J2, J3 need short circuit, and the resistor element pin can be cut to solder
4. Electrolytic capacitor, LED is positive and negative, long leg is positive, short leg is negative
5. When connecting the power cord to the terminal block, be careful to distinguish between the positive and negative terminals
NameParameterPCB markQuantity
Alcohol concentration sensorMQ-3MQ1
Diode5mm red LEDD11
5mm green LEDD21
Power socket005with USB cable1
Corner toggle switch S11
IC socketDIP8U11
Buzzer B11
Zener diode1N4148D31
RelayD5V6 pinJK1
Battery socket  1

Package included:

1 x DIY Alcohol Leakage Alarm Kit

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