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- DockerPi PowerBoard is used to power the Raspberry Pi (or similar SBC) with a typical power of up to 20W (5V/4A) and can run up to 25W (5V/5A)
  with good heat dissipation.
- DockerPi PowerBoard also provides power to other DockerPi modules to protect the security of the power supply. It also provides a safe shutdown
  function, supports IR remote control switch, button control switch (Requires Driver,One-Step Automated Install).
- DockerPi PowerBoard has fan cooling, and we recommend that you install the DockerPi PowerBoard on the bottom of the other DockerPi.
- DockerPi PowerBoard recommends 12V 2A or above power input and 12V power from 4-pin headers to other DockerPi. (If other modules require
  12V power)
- Note: 1. DockerPi PowerBoard does not support hot plug.
            2. The RPI mainboard is not included.


- DockerPi Series
- 12V Input
- Typical output:20W(5V/4A)
- Absolute output:25W(5V/5A)
- 3CM Quiet Fan
- Remote Control Safe Power(Require Driver)
- Button Control Safe Power(Require Driver)
- Recommended to be stacked at the bottom
- Can Stack with other Stack board
- Independent of the mainboard hardware (but Safe Power must develop by yourself)

Package included:

1 x Power Board

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