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Working voltage: 5V
Current 200MA
With fixed mounting holes
Board size: 136 X 210 mm
Display chip with audio spectrum display, built-in multiple decoding algorithms
No need for filter circuits, driving points, spectrum indications and many other indicators.
The board has a 3.5MM audio input port that can be connected to the mobile phone. MP3 MP4 IPAD iPhone can be output to this as long as it has a 3.5MM audio output port to achieve audio spectrum function (follow music dance).

Function introduction:
Audio spectrum display driver chip, built-in multiple DSP decoding algorithms (no program, can be used after soldering)
Clock display (actually no effect, power off time is gone)
Buoy display can be set when the spectrum is displayed
A variety of work mode options, users can set the function as needed
Test mode to meet test needs during production
Single (24*16), two-channel (left 12*16, right 12*16) dot matrix LED display
Mono mode of operation can display more spectrum information
24*16 large dot matrix (384 points) display, multiple display mode selection
memory function,
Chinese English screen display Optional
Introduction to function settings
Turn off the clock display function
Single dual channel display selection
Audio signal left and right selection in mono
Turn on the buoy display to turn off the spectrum
Audio spectrum display is arranged in order of frequency from low to high
Display refresh rate 1-4
Sensitivity setting for receiving audio
Time display font size setting
Calibration clock settings
Strip: 24 spectral component display
Column: 12 spectral component display
Grid shape: 8 spectral component display
Block: 6 spectral component display
Light function switch full light function
Important parameters to adjust the spectrum display effect
Level 1 fixed gain: for strong signals, connected to the rear stage of the amplifier
Level 2 fixed gain: for stronger signals
3-level fixed gain: for weaker signals
4-level fixed gain: suitable for weak signals, connected to the preamplifier
Automatic gain adjustment mode 1
5: automatic gain mode 1
Automatic gain adjustment mode 2
Automatic gain adjustment mode 3
Automatic gain adjustment mode 4

Parts List:

R4, R5330KR-08052
R8, R11470KR-08052
R2, R3, R6, R7, R9, R10, R12-R2310R-080518
C1, C322C-08052
C4, C5, C6, C7, C10, C11104C-08056
C8, C9220UF SMD capacitorC aluminum electrolytic chip capacitor2
Y124 MHZY-SMD-31
J1, J23.5MM Four-legged patch audio seat 2
DC1DC3.5MM-SMD-ok 1
K1SW-PB-Tact switchCM-3×6-MM-T-ok1
P1  0
 PCB 1

Package included:

1 x Spectrum DIY Kit

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